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The most extreme series of Evolution Airsoft M4 models is here. If with their Recon models they have already won the hearts of many players, with this new range they will be able to satisfy the most demanding players.

Model based on the famous German model HK416 (also known as HK 416 or HK-416) with the long barrel.

Technical features

Length mm: 810/890

Weight kg: 3

Body: metallic

Bush Bearings: 8mm Bearings

Cylinder: CNC

reinforced cylinder head

Gears: steel

Gearbox: Reinforced steel with integrated space for mosfets and ETS III electronic trigger

Hop Up Chamber: Rotary Type – Coaxial

Barrel: 6.01mm precision barrel

Magazine: 130 ball mid cap

Mosfet and electronics: Programmable electronic trigger E.T.S.III

Engine: high torque

Handle: With access to the engine without the need for tools.

Piston: Reinforced with all steel teeth.

Piston head: reinforced

Rail system: CNC anodized aluminum

Plate Selector: Updated for optimal performance with ETS III

Spring guide: Metallic with removable QD (Quick detach) bearings from the stock.

Wiring: High resistance

Bolt catch: working

What is E.T.S. III™ and what advantages does it have?

The ETS III Electronic Trigger is an advanced and feature rich programmable trigger. It does not require additional software or cables as it is programmed directly by pressing the trigger. According to the manufacturer, programming is very easy and will include instructions

What functions does ETS III have?

1. Configurable shot selector:

The ability to select different options in the semi and automatic position allows for a large number of configuration options.

2. Adjustable trigger response.

This feature increases the trigger pull response and shortens the time from pulling the trigger to exiting the ball. Together with the 10 levels of pre-cocking it has, it allows you to obtain an immediate trigger response.

3. Burst mode (controlled bursts)

An essential feature on any electronic trigger is the setting of controlled burst modes. This feature allows us to program the number of balls that will be fired in bursts with a single pull of the trigger. It can be programmed from 1 to 10 balls and it is possible to program it both for the semi position and for the automatic position of the shot selector.

4. Pre-cocking (pre-compression)

The precocking function or precompression in Spanish, causes the piston to stop in the position we indicate, precompressing the mainspring and leaving the piston closer to the release position. This makes the shot reaction faster. The ETS III trigger has 10 different levels of pre-cocking that we can select in the configuration.

5. Ramp.

By activating this function, the weapon will fire in full auto if, after firing in semi or bursts, we leave the trigger pressed and do not release it. In this way we will have the burst mode without moving the shutter selector. The time in milliseconds to go from semi or burst to auto can be adjusted in 10 different levels.

6. Activate the brake.

Brake function active. This feature uses the motor as a powerful electromagnetic brake. The braking power can be adjusted to 5 levels or it can be switched off completely. This function solves the problems of double tripping, both through the use of high voltage batteries and due to the inertia of the gears.

7. Complete cycle control.

A sensor precisely counts the rotations of the sector gear, therefore the ETS checks the completion of the firing cycle at all times, even if the trigger has been pulled only for an instant, both in semi-automatic and in burst, always completing the number of shots scheduled in the burst.

8. PWM ROF control.

Using high voltage batteries the ROF (number of balls per second) can become excessive, with this function we can adjust the ROF making it more moderate. It allows us 4 levels of reduction to find an ROF we are comfortable with without having to give up high performance batteries.

9. Intelligent auto-boost.

This function is automatically activated when we use the ROF PWM control function. With this function the first shot will be made at full voltage and the reduction will take place after the second shot of the burst. This way we will continue to have an immediate response from the trigger.

10. Auto Lipo, life and voltage detection.

The CPU detects the type and voltage of the battery, automatically adjusting the settings so that we don't have to make any changes even if we change the battery type.

11. Low battery warning.

Low battery protection. Excessively discharging lipo batteries can be dangerous, with this function active, if the voltage drops below the safe level, the replica will warn with engine vibrations at each shot. The protection can be programmed on two levels or deactivated.

12. Fail safe battery

This feature is automatically activated to use the low battery warning. The weapon will shut off power if the battery is below a safe level, such as if we got the warning and continued shooting.

As you can see, it's a fairly complete system, in a very interesting range of weapons and with very competitive prices. The models are already available from the supplier, so we hope to have them in the coming weeks.

Finally we leave you a video where you can easily see how it is programmed and the different functions.

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